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"This will change your life if you put it into practice!"

"Packed with great, useful information. I have used it and it WORKS. The 14 Layers of Class are great!

"The best part is how to get into society (i.e. all those exclusive clubs such as supporting arts and culture, etc. - I tried this and it worked - I am now in!)"

"I have met many wealthy people this way, following these principles. I get invited to great parties and have great female friends who are invaluable to meeting more wealthy men and women...

"This will change your life if you put it into practice!!"

"I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't found the right person yet."

"I first saw Ginie Sayles on 'Oprah'. She offers a lot of helpful advice on dating and maintaining relationships.

"I was relieved that she didn't focus on being a gold-digger but chose to suggest options for self-improvement, finding the right person to fit your needs (not just financially) and becoming aware of who you are involved with.

"Since I come from a upper middle class background & so do most of my friends I have seen what happens to women when they date below their own economic class. People think it's just men who get stuck with financial burdens during divorces but that isn't true! Some of my friends have had horrible settlements paying their husbands during the divorce! One friend in particular had a man use her for money & connections then financially took her to the cleaners in the divorce. (No she didn't have a prenuptial agreement but she should have!) Checking out a man's background before getting married & watching for warning signs would have helped her avoid what happened to her.

"Ginie points out how to check out the man you are dating to see if he is for real. She also has a section on pre-nuptial agreements which is useful to make sure you are protected. The key is to know what you want from a relationship & making sure it's mutually beneficial. Despite the title she's not telling you to use men to get what you want. Ginie tells you to figure out your needs & wants then find the right man with whom you can enjoy a lifelong relationship.

"Use this as a resource to find 'Mr. Right' & be ethical about it. Don't let people tell you it's game planning because it's not. No one can't play a game forever and most people will be on their best behavior while dating regardless of whether they read this book or not. Adjusting your habits (especially bad habits), improving your appearance & dating behavior is just common sense when you are trying to find a lifelong partner.

"I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't found the right person yet & wants to find someone to fit into their desired lifestyle."

"It Is Truly a Great, Great Program!"

"No other program has this type of specific, useful information - but then again, Ginie Sayles was a stockbroker and a business woman in her own right... It is truly a great, great, great program!!!"

"The Best Piece of Advice For Me..."

"The best piece of advice in here actually helped me keep my job, AND walk away from a boyfriend!

"Ginie says - don't ever totally lose your vices, just act like you are trying to, and lengthen the time between relapses, so your partner thinks you need him to help you get over it. As he sees the length of time between relapses increase, he will believe he is helping you, and that you appreciate his help. This goes for substance abuse, messiness, tardiness, etc. - anything!

"This helped me walk away from my ex because I realized that was what he was doing with me (unconsciously, in his case)!

"That's how I realized he was never going to totally give up his substance abuse problem. At my job, I didn't fix my occasional lateness because I realized, as long as I act contrite, my boss reacts in the way of all codependents, and feels sorry for me, and that we need each other! Of course, this is a basic characteristic of codependent relationships - what I realized is, don't be afraid of it. This kind of thing is what keeps people together! Ha!"

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