General Policies

All sales are final. We will gladly replace any damaged or defective products; but there are no refunds on any products that can be duplicated or products that are offered in a Special. Products which can be duplicated include sound files and document files.

Our Many Repeat Customers are clearly Satisfied Customers.

Do not purchase the products if you have a problem with this policy.

This policy applies equally to everyone. Do not ask for exceptions.

All products offered on this website are being offered and sold by Oak Forest Publishing. Oak Forest Publishing is an authorized licensee of Ginie Sayles Enterprises. Oak Forest Publishing is exclusively licensed to operate and related websites.

Please note that the products on this website are not sold directly by Ginie Sayles or by Ginie Sayles Enterprises, but are offered and sold on this website by Oak Forest Publishing as authorized by GSE. Oak Forest Publishing is solely responsible for the sales, delivery, and customer service of the products on this website.

Please be advised that in purchasing the products on this website, in no way are you in direct contact with Ginie Sayles, Reed Sayles, or Ginie Sayles Enterprises.

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